I was involved in several pitches and these are two of my favorites. I created "Boxheads" and "Latin Grammies" for Amazon, and a series of concepts for Rue La La, a members only fashion website.

Amazon - Boxheads

Amazon asked us to pitch concepts for several of their offerings, including the unveiling of their Blu-Ray campaign. Specifically, Amazon wanted to promote the volume of Blu-Ray titles in stock and their lightning-speed delivery. I created The Boxheads, a series where people protect their identities by wearing Amazon boxes on their heads as they confess their Blu-Ray connections.

Amazon - Latin Grammys

To illustrate to the Spanish speaking community that Amazon carries every Latin Grammy song in stock, I created an animated piece explaining that Amazon has 'been there all along'. Graphics Evan McEneaney.

Rue La La

Rue La La, a fashion forward website with a community of invite only members, wanted a viral campaign to encourage new members to join. They wanted to use Jenn Fallick as their spokesperson, so I created a series of virals where Jenn accidentally gives away the needed password, or at least something that sounds very close to the password, each day. Graphics Darren Wong and Gabrielle Winicki.